One of the most talked about projects in the last year directly from Puerto Rico, this 1954 VW Bug is ready to rock the VW world. With a fully built Pauter front engine configuration, adjustable clutch and a 5sp Liberty Z style transmission, this full chassis Pro Import made its debut at the Import Festival in Salinas PR. Thousands of fans came to see and take pictures of the car on display.
The project was put on hold for a few months after Hurricane Irma hit the island, then the team went to work on a plan to repair the damages sustained by the 170MPH winds. By the looks of the car, it seems they achieved their goal.
TRS is in charge of the custom wiring and parts supply and Tony FuelTech is in charge of the engine tuning and track support. Owner Teddy Figueroa tells us the goal is to have the fastest VW Bug in the world and run the main race events in the USA.

To stay updated on this project, go to their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/VolkronPR/