Battery Charger Quick Connector Kit Red


Great for 16v battery chargers. Make your connection quickly without error. Male and Female set with pins.


11 / 100
This power connector features silver-plated, electrolytic copper contacts for low resistance and high conductivity. It is male/female, with 1-piece, impact-resistant, polycarbonate housing. Its Solid barrel contacts are flared for easy insertion of stripped wire or cables, and supported by tempered stainless steel leaf springs to maintain constant pressure and vibration resistance. The annealed barrel also helps to ensure even crimping.
Color: RED



✔Heavy duty contact Amp rating: 50A, 600V

✔Recommended for use with 6-8 gauge wire

✔Reliable combined shell made from high quality fire resistant PC.

✔Silver-plated copper terminal with good electrical conductivity.

✔Widely used in quick connect/disconnect power to a battery charger or other electrical device.

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