Deutsch 8 Pin Lock


W8S Deutsch DT 8 Pin Series Lock


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W8S Deutsch DT series wedgelock are sold separately. The wedgelocks created by Deutsch for their DT series connectors help ensure proper contact alignment within each connector. Secondary wedgelocks are assembled at the mating interface and click into place. If by chance the secondary wedgelocks are not properly seated at the time of assembly, they will be pressed into locked position during the mating of the connector assembly. Adding to the flexibility of the DT series, several wedgelocks offer different keying options. Below you will find some of the specifications of this wedgelock.

  • SeriesDeutsch DT
  • Color: Orange
  • Cavities: 8
  • Material: Thermoplastic
  • Keyway: None
  • Mating Connector: DT06-08SA,DT06-08SA-E008
  • Removal Tool: DT-RT1
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